Window handle, stainless steel, Hoppe, Paris E138Z/US950S TBT4 (100 Nm)


Art. no. 973.40.016

  • Secustik® – Audible security for window handles
  • Secustik® – audible security for window handles

    About two-thirds of all burglars break into properties through windows or balcony doors. Their methods are often the same, and are amazingly simple: The window is levered out or the window fitting is pushed so far from the outside until it is moved to the unlocked position; providing free access to the property.

    The Secu 100® and Secu 100®+Secustik® window handles from Hoppe provide security for tilted windows. The Secustik® standard window handle is opened exactly like a handle without the Secustik® function when the window is tilted.

    "Secustik®" must be understood in the literal sense: The new "security" technology is activated "acoustically". Security function active! The clearly audible click when it is operated sounds like the combination lock of a safe, and indicates: Security function active!

    This is how it works

    The heart of the security technology is a patented blocking mechanism: A coupling element between the handle and the square spindle allows the window handle to be operated normally from the inside.

    However, it locks the handle as soon as anyone attempts to manipulate the handle from the outside via the fitting.

    If a break-in is attempted, the safety bolts 1 are pushed into the recesses in the housing 2 by a second coupling element 3.

    In this position the safety bolts 1 effectively prevent the window handle from being turned from the outside. The window handle locks and prevents the break-in attempt.

    A click more security

    You can hear how your security increases with each turn when the handle is moved from the locking position to the tilted position. Inside the window handle, this means:

    When the window handle is turned, the sprung safety bolts 1 engage in special recesses in the housing 2 with precision clicking – the typical Secustik® noise is heard.

    During the turning movement, the safety bolts 1 are moved into the other recesses 2 by the coupling element 3, where they audibly engage again.

  • TBT function for window handles
  • TBT function

    As well as the existing lockable tilt and turn window handle there is also the so-called TBT window handle for windows with a TBT mechanism.

    TBT (Tilt Before Turn) describes the type of opening sequence: Lock position, tilt position and turn position.

    The TBT window handle tilts the window by turning the handle to the horizontal position - without having to unlock the locking cylinder. The locking cylinder has to be unlocked before the handle can be turned to the unlocked position (pointing upwards).

    TBT window handles can only be fully opened using the locking function. This prevents TBT windows from being unintentionally opened from the inside by children, for example.

    This is how it works:

    The Paris E138Z/US950S TBT4 (100 Nm) model can be locked with the key in the 0° locking position, and therefore has an additional forced entry resistant security function.

    The handle can be operated again in the unlocked condition.

    The unlocked handle can be turned to the 90° tilted position (without operating the key). The handle's 180° position can only be reached by simultaneously operating the key and continuing to turn the handle.

    The window handle is automatically locked (without operating the key) when the window is closed.

    (1) Locked position = 0°

    (2)Tilted position = locking cylinder locked 90°

    (3)Turn position = locking cylinder unlocked 180°


    The TBT function is only provided if a tilt and turn fitting, that is intended for this purpose, is used.


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    Art. no. 973.40.016

    Art. no. 973.40.016

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    Stainless steel


    90° ball catch mechanism for tilt and turn windows
    with TBT function

    Locking system

    Push-button cylinder, keyed alike


    Meets the requirements of DIN EN 1627-1630 RC1-6
    Product Features

    Supplied with

    1 window handle

    1 reversible key

    2 fixing screws

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    The TBT (Tilt Before Turn) function is only provided if a tilt and turn fitting, that is intended for this purpose, is used.

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    Window handle, stainless steel, Hoppe, Paris E138Z/US950S TBT4 (100 Nm)


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