Single cylinder, Startec, keyed different or keyed alike



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    916.22.601 Single cyl. br.nick. 27/10

    dim. A: 27 mm, dim. B: 10 mm, dim. C: 37 mm

    916.22.602 Single cyl. br.nick. 31/10

    dim. A: 31 mm, dim. B: 10 mm, dim. C: 41 mm

    916.22.603 Single cyl. br.nick. 35/10

    dim. A: 35 mm, dim. B: 10 mm, dim. C: 45 mm

    916.22.604 Single cyl. br.nick. 40/10

    dim. A: 40 mm, dim. B: 10 mm, dim. C: 50 mm

    916.22.605 Single cyl. br.nick. 45/10

    dim. A: 45 mm, dim. B: 10 mm, dim. C: 55 mm

    Product details

    Dim. B

    10 mm

    Type of locking

    Keyed to differ, S1 or GLS keyed alike

    Locking system

    With 5 pin tumblers


    Certified in compliance with DIN 18252-70 and EN 1303:2005


    Cylinder housing: Brass


    Cylinder housing: Nickel plated


    Follower adjustable to 8 positions, length (BL) 31/10 mm
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    Product Features

    Supplied with

    1 Single profile cylinder

    3 Nickel plated steel keys

    1 Fixing screw


    Single cylinder, standard profile, keyed alike GLS, Startec

    Conventional key –

    • Startec single cylinder

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