Set of tools, SFS intec 21.345, Mounting aid for drill-in hinges

With stepped drill bit Ø 7.7 mm, with adjusting ring



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    922.15.640 Tool set 15mm

    Area of application: For mounting 11R 15-000 drill-in hinges

    922.15.641 Tool set 20mm

    Area of application: For mounting 11R 20-009, 11R 20-000, 12R 20-015, 12R 20-006, 12R 20-016, 12R 20-021 drill-in hinges

    Product details

    Area of application

    For mounting 11 R 15-000 drill-in hinges

    Suitable for

    Left and right hand use
    Product Features

    Supplied with

    1 Drilling jig

    1 Stepped drill bit Ø 7.7 mm

    1 Adjusting ring for stepped drill bit

    2 Hook spanners

    1 Hexagon socket bit

    1 Allen key

    Complementary products and accessories

    • Drilling jig

    • Drilling jig

    • Stepped drill bit Ø 7.7 mm with adjusting ring

    • Drill bit Ø 8,8 mm with adjusting ring

    • Hook spanner

    • Hexagon socket bit

    • Allen key

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