DVD storage system, pull-out for DVD rotated by 90° (horizontal)



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    810.95.311 Extens.DVD transp. B/219x314mm

    1 row –, capacity: 16 pieces, depth: 314 mm

    810.95.312 Extens.DVD transp. B/422x314mm

    2 rows –, capacity: 32 pieces, depth: 314 mm

    810.95.313 Extens.DVD transp. B/625x314mm

    3 rows –, capacity: 48 pieces, depth: 314 mm

    810.95.314 Extens.DVD transp. B/828x314mm

    4 rows –, capacity: 64 pieces, depth: 314 mm

    810.95.321 Extens.DVD transp. B/219x364mm

    1 row –, capacity: 18 pieces, depth: 364 mm

    Product details


    Shelf: Plastic
    pins: Stainless steel
    runner: Steel


    Guide: Galvanized, shelf: Transparent

    DVD storage system, pull-out for DVD rotated by 90° (horizontal)

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