Brochure tray

For recessed hook-in profile


Brochure tray
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Brochure tray
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For recessed hook-in profile


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For suspending in panel profile
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  • Panel system with recessed rail suspension

    The panel system with recessed rail suspension makes it possible to design store wall in an individual way and give them functionality at the same time. Different merchandise display rails can be hooked into the continuous profile.

    The panel consists of a chipboard with melamine coating on both sides, into which horizontal grooves are milled with a distance of 88 mm. Aluminium profiles are slid into the grooves.

    The panel system can be installed in combination with other systems. A combination with the shelf system makes for a highly flexible and effective merchandise display.

    Partition height

    Panels are delivered split into two parts with half the height of 1,228 mm each due to economical reasons (packing, freight, handling), but can be assembled with ease (joint not visible).

    Installation with shelf system

    Installation between wall channels

    (1) Wall

    (2) Wall channel

    (3) panel

    (4) Furring

    Suspend heavy loads in wall channels and columns only in combination with shelf system brackets.

    Load per groove

    Depending on the leverage effect of the display rails:

    • With aluminium profiles: max. 20 kg

    Brochure tray

    For recessed hook-in profile

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