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015.31.255 Hospa screw CS galv. 2,5x16mm

Countersunk head –, Galvanized, length: 16 mm, thread Ø 2.5 mm

015.31.326 Hospa screw CS galv.5/3,0x13mm

Galvanized, length: 13 mm, thread Ø 3 mm

015.31.335 Hospa screw CS galv.5/3,0x15mm

Galvanized, length: 15 mm, thread Ø 3 mm

015.31.344 Hospa screw CS galv.5/3,0x17mm

Galvanized, length: 17 mm, thread Ø 3 mm

015.31.522 Hospa screw CS galv. 3,0x13mm

Countersunk head –, Galvanized, length: 13 mm, thread Ø 3 mm


Chipboard screw, Hospa, PZ cross slot, partially threaded, Big-Pack

Countersunk head –

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