Digital furniture planning with CAD, CAM and configuration tools

Exactly the right service for your needs

What type are you? 

It doesn’t matter if you are the “classic manual” and work without drawing software and a CNC machine. Or whether you have industry software and a CNC machine and are therefore a “high-tech craftsman”. 

We can provide you with digital services for any situation which will help you during planning and construction.

A package which has been thought through from A to Z

  • More than 40,000 manufacturer-independent items of CAD data
  • More than 15,000 manufacturer-independent items of CAM data
  • Five topic-related product configuration tools
  • Interfaces for your industry software

CAD data in the format you require

Our comprehensive CAD database gives you the freedom to download items in 2D/3D in any of the most popular CAD formats. You can export your product directly into your drawing programme using the “Insert directly” function.

Häfele CAD data

CAD data

Use our library of 40,000 items to transfer drawings and models into your own CAD applications. 2D and 3D views of the products are available for download.

Simple ordering aids to construction of entire cabinets

Our production configuration tools help you to quickly determine the fittings that you need for your respective application. Examples of other functions are:

  • Transfer of determined fittings into the Häfele Basket
  • Output of fitting and cutting size lists and drawing data in dxf format
  • Transfer of construction into the imos industry software
Konfigurator Dress Code

DressCode Configurator


Build your DressCode cabinet equipment system easily, quickly and securely.

In combination with the Häfele Augmented Reality App, you can visualise your individual furniture solution in your own bedroom or dressing room as a 3D model.

DressCode Configurator
Häfele Silent Aluflex configuration tool

Silent Aluflex 80 configuration tool

Plan Silent Aluflex 80 applications for rooms and furniture quickly and easily – online. You can fabricate and order your individual sliding door solution in just five steps.

Silent Aluflex 80 configuration tool
Häfele wooden drawer configuration tool

Wooden drawer configuration tool

With the wooden drawer configuration tool you can plan and visualise drawers in accordance with your requirements. A wide range of equipment and types of wood are available for doing this.

Wooden drawer configuration tool
Häfele drawer side systems configuration tool

Drawer side systems configuration tool

NEW UPDATE: New interface, familiar functionality. Usable again in all browsers!

Equip a cabinet with drawer side systems from Häfele, Blum and Grass in just a few steps. After configuration you receive cutting size lists and DXF drawings including processing information, among other things.

Drawer side systems configuration tool
Häfele flap fittings configuration tool

Flap fittings configuration tool

The right fitting for every flap. Configure your requirements and we’ll supply the right flap hinge for it.

Flap fittings configuration tool
Loox light planning

Loox light planning

Discover how we put your furniture and rooms in the right light using lighting with our interactive Loox planning service, and find out more about the different products and their technical characteristics.

Loox light planning
Weight Calculator

Calculator for Panel Weights

Automatically calculate the panel weight by selecting the material and entering your panel dimensions.

CAM data, including processing information

More than 15,000 items of CAM data for our products are available to you. These contain processing information such as the required drill holes, grooves or millings.

You can spare yourself the manual searching and storage of this data and gain time for other tasks.

You can obtain our up-to-date CAM data records using the following software: