Häfele Slido Design 80-M sliding door fitting: More flexibility – invisible technology

Look – it’s floating! – Elegance without frills

With the new Slido Design 80-M from Häfele the door floats easily in front of the wall, even though it weighs 80 kilos. The technology which makes this possible operates with the utmost restraint, completely invisibly. This gives the sliding door, which is to be opened to the maximum opening width, maximum elegance and a perfect floating illusion with SLIDO Design 80-M.

The single-leaf sliding door system for wall mounting can be used on level floor surfaces for wood and glass doors weighing up to 80 kg and door widths from 800 to 1800 mm. It is suitable for hard and soft floors. A bottom track is required on soft floors such as carpet or cork. The running system, the soft close mechanism and the floor guide with a 10 mm floor gap between the bottom edge of the door leaf and the floor covering are integrated invisibly in the door leaf.

Slido Design 80-M makes a good impression in any ambiance, in private homes as well as in hotels and offices.

Slido Design 80-M
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