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New edition: The Complete Häfele Furniture Fittings

Top team – new catalogue and a new web site

Internet, catalogue, or would you rather speak to the specialist advisor personally? Häfele customers can freely select where and how they would like to obtain information about the product or place their order. Because Häfele maintains its services in the same way, and has put them together as a modular service package: Two of the modules went to the start in the autumn in a new print run or manifestation as a powerful duo: first the new web site which was launched in September and then, at the beginning of November, a print run of 80,000 copies of what has been the most well-known and comprehensive reference document for hardware technology for decades, "The Complete Häfele Furniture Fittings".

The customer can quickly obtain a complete overview on the 2,900 pages of the catalogue. The design and technology volume documents about 22,000 items, in the customary 14 product groups. The product range, which has been updated all round, reflects the current trend in valuable furniture manufacturing. For this reason it has also become extremely attractive in the light, sliding fittings and furniture handles product groups.

TCH with a new, modern look

The modern, new appearance which has been based on the Häfele corporate design is a real eye-catcher. A red and grey design element reminiscent of a bar code makes the link to the digital world of Häfele’s new Internet presence – clearly highlighting the interlocking between the print world and the online world, which has become closer than ever.

The new catalogue helps with planning, selection and research, and is always a welcome companion in the workshop and the office when a quick overview or familiarisation with a new topic is required. The new Internet presence supplements the Häfele service package with additional brand new products which can be ordered in a completely newly designed, attractive online shop. The web site also provides assistance in the form of installation instructions, configuration tools and CAD/CAM data, to name but a few examples.

The third mainstay in the new Häfele service package is the specialist adviser and personal contact with the adviser in the sales office, in the region or on site.

Häfele partners process their orders extremely effectively and successfully wit clever and individual networking of these three options.

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The Complete Häfele Furniture Fittings is now available as a new edition in two volumes and with thousands of new products and a modern appearance.

The Complete Häfele Furniture Fittings is now available as a new edition in two volumes and with thousands of new products and a modern appearance.


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