Dialock in the hotel: self check-in and smartphone key

New strategic partnerships

Innovative Guest Experience services have become an important differentiation feature and a new recipe for success in the hospitality sector. The key players in the hospitality industry have realised this. Guests who feel comfortable and have come to appreciate the convenience of a hotel brand, for example, including the digital one, pass the word on and are likely to come again. It is therefore hardly surprising that the demand for these services is booming. In addition to its own portfolio of services, which is continuously under further development, Häfele also covers the requirements that are generated by this using strategic partnerships. These partnerships are extremely important. They will undergo further development during 2019 in order to provide Häfele customers with globally scalable solutions concerning the relevant topics of smartphone key (Credential Service), Guest Experience, room control and self check-in kiosk.

The company exhibited pioneering smart solutions involving the Dialock access control system which had been used for the ALLYN hotel concept in existing cooperations with market partners hotelbird and Interel on its booth at the BAU trade fair in Munich. This includes the following topics:

  • Self check-in kiosk and smartphone key, for reducing check-in and check-out times and relieving the pressure on the personnel
  • The transponder-controlled operation of the coffee machine as an example for the networking of technologies; further possibilities for integration are snack machines, e.g., co-working equipment such as printers and copiers or washing machines for long-term stays etc. (motto: one digital key for everything)
  • Door terminal in the hotel room communicating with the room management system (do not disturb function, welcome scenario, energy saving and work organisation)
  • Locking and unlocking of mobile Slido Wall partition wall systems via the Dialock WT 200 wall terminal.
  • Locker operation using the LL200 furniture lock in the co-working area.
  • Locking of storage compartments in semi-public areas.

Häfele is thinking ahead on the subject of access management and room control with its innovative, networkable Dialock identification and access control system: meaningful use is being made of synergies in cooperation with Interel, the specialist for online control systems in the hotel room. 
The interaction of the two companies reduces investment and operating costs, increases convenience for the operator and its guests, and encourages customer bonding.

Access control and room control systems provide security and energy efficiency in the hospitality industry, from reception to the guest’s stay and the optimised work organisation of the personnel. Dialock door terminals exchange information with the Interel network via a secure end-to-end connection using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Both systems are easy to network, control and operate.

This networking is based on the integrated Bluetooth capability of the access control system that is already used for the smartphone key. It allows hotel operators to take full advantage of the benefits of the Dialock access control system, all the way to central battery status monitoring.

Häfele Dialock with smartphone app as the hotel room key
The networking of the Dialock locking system with hotelbird for the use of smartphones as room keys is another example of how Häfele thinks ahead on behalf of its customers.

This pioneering technology provides hoteliers and their guests with contactless and convenient opening of doors with the smartphone. The smartphone key makes arrival at the hotel much simpler than before. The traveller is given access to the hotel and his room on his smartphone via an app. Pleasing side effects: the guest books his room directly from the app in an instant. No waiting times when checking in, paying and checking out. Everything is done online. The guest receives the key code on his app before arrival.

Die Smartphone-App öffnet Hoteltüren

The Smartphone app opens hotel room doors – check in, pay, check out, everything is digital and done in an instant without inconvenient waiting times at hotel reception. Häfele Dialock and cooperation partner hotelbird make it possible

Raumsteuerung vom Feinsten

Top quality room control: the three scenarios “Welcome scenario”, “Energy saving” and “Work organisation” make it possible to experience the positive effects of perfectly coordinated communication for the operator and the guests of hotels in a particularly good way, with the Dialock DT 710 door terminal in this case.

Dialock-Türterminal DT 700

Innovative, high-quality and economical, the Dialock DT 700 door terminal.

Bedienbare Schließfächer

The lockers which are operated with Dialock in furniture LL 200 and the kitchen in the co-working area of the Häfele ALLYN hotel mock-up can be used by the hotel guests in order to store the laptop, for example, if the workplace in the public area has to be vacated for a short time.

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