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    Pharma-Org� the storage and pharmacy system, combines uncomplicated assembly with outstanding flexibility and safety.� The open frame system creates possibilities for individual cladding solutions.�Our system concept of side frame� and struts with linear assembly provides� another essential advantage: the system can be extended and modified at any time� with little effort.

    (1) Side frames made from perforated profile steel tubes provide absolute structural stability

    (2) Uneven floors can be compensated for using adjusting screws

    (3) Side stability is provided by the special profiled T-struts

    (4) 2 guide frames per bay provide additional stability

    (5) Guide rails are simply hooked into the slots in the side frame

    (6) The roller pull out is specially designed for medication storage requirements

  • Pharma-Org system configuration example
  • Example of a storage/pharmacy system

    (1) Drawer with acrylic glass base for viewing goods in higher roller pull outs

    (2) Drawer with easy care perforated sheet metal base, view of contents possible, see

    (3) Step drawer for secure access to the upper pull outs

    (4) Single or double panel extension for large packages, bottles etc.

    (5) Guide rail for roller pull out, simply hooked in

    (6) Gentle self closing mechanism

    (7) Adjusting screw for compensating for uneven floor and additional screw fixing holes

    (8) Tie bar for side stability

  • dim.: Pharma-Org system width division, depth and height intervals
  • Dimensions: Width segmentation, Depths, height intervals

    Width segmentation

    Layout table

    The pitch length of 417 mm describes the middle-to-middle distance of the side frame tube.

    A bay consists of two side frames, a block of two consists of three side frames, etc.

    Sectional view


    Three depths

    With three different depths up to an effective depth of 1,100 mm height units, Pharma-Org provides a multitude of variants:

    • 750 mm for 18 crossways dividers
    • 1,000 mm for 20 crossways dividers
    • 1,100 mm for 24 crossways dividers

    The specified number of crossways dividers is based on empirical values.

    Area requirements

    (1) Effective depth

    (2) installation depth

    Examples in layout

    Four different drawer depths make maximum space utilisation possible and provide optimal adaptation to planning specificationsand the situation on site

    (1) Waste pipes

    (2) Water pipes

    (3) iron support beam

    (4) Double chimney

    height intervals

    All panel heights from 120 mm and above are available in steps of 25 mm.

    All panel heights from 120 mm and above are available in steps of 25 mm.

  • Pharma-Org system drawer equipment
  • Drawer variations

    Practical, stylish, easy to access

    The drawers can be individually equipped with any front panel components made from solid wood, glass, plastic or with insert plates made from wood, plastic, textile, glass or metal. They therefore give distinction to the appearance of the pharmacy, and adapt to the overall architectural impression. Equipping takes place using a wooden panel made from different types of wood which can be optionally used for hooking into the keyhole slots, or a frame handle for sliding onto the front panel.

    The pull out base panels are melamine-coated, made from perforated sheet metal or acrylic glass. They are designed to have a load bearing capacity of up to approx. 20 kg (distributed over the entire drawer).


    Drilling dimensions for front fixing

    Clip-on panel

    Clip-on panels and gallery rail system for flexible drawer heights

    A gallery rail system with panel that can be screwed to the pull out is available for extremely large items (total height = double drawer front height).

    (1) Side railing,

    (2) front clip-on panel

    Additional drawer front installation

    (1) Side railing,

    (2) rear clip-on panel

    Additional rear panel installed

    Individual equipment – suitable for all Pharma‐Org drawers

    The Pharma-Org drawer in detail

    (1) The side component is made from a side profile with slots at intervals which is welded to a precision guide rail. This combination provides exact guidance and extremely good stability.

    (2) Inset slots at intervals for accommodating crossways dividers

    (3)The Pharma-Org drawer is optionally supplied with fixed or retrofittable lengthways dividers.

    (4) The front and rear sections have an extremely stable design and are equipped for quick and easy mounting of the front panels, handles and panel extensions.

    (5) The plastic coated, dust-proof precision ball bearings that have been in use for decades are the guarantee of low noise and maintenance-free running.

    Base panel variants

    The Pharma-Org drawer is the result of decades of experience in storing medicines.

    The following base panel variants can be optionally implemented:

    • wooden shelf: Foil coated on both sides in white or silver, extremely hard-wearing
    • acrylic glass base: For clear view of contents, specially designed for medicines in the upper drawers
    • wire base: Powder coated, on expanded metal. Provides a view of the medicines and makes cleaning easier
  • Pharma-Org system dimensions of surface mounted parts
  • Dim. of surface mounted parts

    Dimensions for wooden side panels

    A = number of bays x 417 + 20


    Front panel drilling dimensions


    Plinth panel

    With an adjusting screw height of 25 mm the height of the required plinth panel is 83 mm.


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    701.35.723 Guide frame Pharma-Org wh. 750mm

    Drawer depth: 750 mm, standard

    701.35.725 Guide frame Pharma-Org wh. 1000mm

    Drawer depth: 1000 mm, standard

    701.35.727 Guide frame Pharma-Org wh. 1100mm

    Drawer depth: 1100 mm, standard

    701.35.773 Guide frame Pharma-Org wh.soft 750mm

    Drawer depth: 750 mm, with soft and self closing mechanism

    701.35.775 Guide frame Pharma-Org wh.soft 1000mm

    Drawer depth: 1,000 mm, with soft and self closing mechanism

    Product details

    Area of application

    For aligning and stabilising the bays




    Powder coated, signal white, RAL 9003


    For hooking onto the 1/3 and 2/3 of the vertical frame height
    For pitch width 417 mm
    Product Features

    Supplied with

    1 guide frame

    2 safety clips, for securing the guide frame on the vertical frame

    Order reference

    Please order 2 guide frames for each bay to provide the required stability.

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    Guide frame, Pharma-Org Pharmacy system

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