Furniture handle



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155.00.370 Handle St.nick.brushed 74x35mm

Dim. A: 74 mm, dim. B: 35 mm, dim. C: 64 mm, brushed nickel plated

155.00.371 Handle St.nick.brushed 106x35mm

Dim. A: 106 mm, dim. B: 35 mm, dim. C: 96 mm, brushed nickel plated

155.00.372 Handle St.nick.brushed 138x35mm

Dim. A: 138 mm, dim. B: 35 mm, dim. C: 128 mm, brushed nickel plated

155.00.373 Handle St.nick.brushed170x35mm

Dim. A: 170 mm, dim. B: 35 mm, dim. C: 160 mm, brushed nickel plated

155.00.374 Handle St.nick.brushed 202x35mm

Dim. A: 202 mm, dim. B: 35 mm, dim. C: 192 mm, brushed nickel plated

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Dim. B

35 mm


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Furniture handle

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