Door knob , stainless steel, FSB



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    902.70.002 Door knob/

    Screws on one side, matt

    902.70.040 Door knob/rose sat.stainl.steel

    Screw fixing from opposite side, matt

    Product details


    Screw fixing from opposite side
    Product Features

    Supplied with

    1 knob


    Door knob , Stainless steel, FSB, model 23 0829 03400 6204

    • Door knob installation

      Two-sided screw fixing, combination of model 05, 06 and 26

      see key

      Screw fixing in pairs

    • Door knob installation

      One-sided screw fixing, model 05

      see key

      one-sided screw fixing

    • Door knob installation

      Screw fixing from opposite side

      see key

      screw fixing from opposite side

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