Cross cord tensioner, straightening fittings



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    641.12.021 Cr.wire tightener screw.3000mm

    for table size ≤3000 x 1200 mm, tensioner base height: 100 mm

    641.12.022 Cross cord tensioner screw fix.   4500mm

    for table size ≤4,500 x 1,200 mm, tensioner base height: 150 mm

    641.12.032 Cross cord tensioner press fit.   4500mm

    for table size ≤4500 x 1200 mm, tensioner base height: 150 mm

    Product details

    Area of application

    To prevent sagging of table tops
    can be combined with fixing sets for table legs or anchor plates
    for table top thickness min. 25 mm


    Cord: Stainless steel
    tensioner base: Zinc alloy
    fixing elements: Aluminium or steel


    Tensioner base: Silver grey


    For screw fixing to table top with sleeve and M6 screw, cord ends for screw fixing


    With cord clamps for customised shortening
    Product Features

    Supplied with

    1 Tensioner base with base plate, clamping cylinder, guide sleeves and clamping screws

    4 Cord clamps

    4 Steel cords, Ø 3 mm, with crimped eyes on one side

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    Cross cord tensioner, Straightening fittings, cord end for press fitting

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