Cover cap, For Häfele Minifix® 15 without rim, from wood thickness 15 mm

SW4 hexagon socket

  • Agave S4626 / L12.024

    Maple coloured B70

    Maple coloured S1023

    Maple coloured S1031 / A03.022

    Maple coloured S1074 / JPE34359-1

    Light acacia coloured S1169 / A14.007

    Almeria ash

    Old oak B1011

    Aluminium coloured, RAL 9006

    Aluminium coloured B645

    Aluminium coloured B707

    Anthracite G654

    Anthracite coloured B7103

    Apple L720

    Arlington oak B5907

    Aubergine S3569 / G07.031

    Balkan oak B05.018

    Beige S1563 / NCS 3 3020-Y30R

    Beige S8760 / UN-MB88200

    Beige, RAL 1011

    Beige brown, RAL 8024

    Birch S1572 / B08.004

    Birch coloured S1532

    Pearwood S14.005

    Blue, RAL 5003

    Blue, RAL 5011


    Mocha brown


    Brown B634

    Brown B830

    Brown S05.007

    Brown S8322 / S05.003


    Macademia Nutwood Pepper


    Sorento walnut



    Brown, RAL 8004

    Brown beige, RAL 1001

    Beige, RAL 1001

    Blackberry coloured S4119 / H04.012

    Beech B14.002

    Beech coloured B318

    Beech coloured B3309

    Beech coloured S1679

    Canvas grey

    Cafe latte S2029 / D13.009

    Cappucino S2089 / D13.001

    Casino pebble grey B676

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262.24.055 Cover cap Minifix 15 pinecol.

SW4 hexagon socket –, pine coloured

262.24.153 Cover cap Minifix 15 brown

SW4 hexagon socket –, brown

262.24.359 Cover cap Minifix 15 black

SW4 hexagon socket –, black

262.24.550 Cover cap Minifix 15 dgrey

SW4 hexagon socket –, dark grey, RAL 7037

262.24.555 Cover cap Minifix 15 lgrey

SW4 hexagon socket –, light grey, RAL 7035

Product details



Area of application

Only for SW4 hexagon socket drive


With plug


For hexagon socket SW4 and PZ2

For wood thickness

≥15 mm

Head diameter

17 mm


For push fitting
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Cover cap, For Häfele Minifix® 15 without rim, from wood thickness 15 mm

SW4 hexagon socket –

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