aluminium frame



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833.16.100 Profil Alu.silv.elox.1000mm

Silver coloured anodized, 1 m

833.16.101 Profil Alu.silv.elox.2000mm

Silver coloured anodized, 2 m

833.16.102 Profil Alu.silv.elox.3000mm

Silver coloured anodized, 3 m

Product details
Aluminium frame


Silver coloured anodized

aluminium frame

  • see key

    (1) Frame outer side

    (2) Frame inner side

    (3) Cotton

    (4) Groove for rubber piping

  • ⓐ base plate with LED, ⓑ aluminium frame, ⓒ glass, ⓓ luminous fabric, ⓔ wooden frame ⓕ stapling or glue fixing with 003.58.267

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