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    Product details
    • Tall kitchen items cannot fall out or fall over due to the enclosed lateral panels
    • Matches the colour of the drawer sides

    Type of pull out

    Full extension, with integrated Smuso soft closing mechanism and self closing mechanism, with integrated rear panel fitting


    panel holder set and holder for lateral panel: Plastic
    panel profile: Aluminium
    Product Features

    Supplied with

    1 left and 1 right drawer side with rear panel fitting

    1 left and 1 right cabinet runner

    1 left and 1 right cover cap with Häfele logo relief

    1 panel holder set

    1 panel profile suitable for specified cabinet width (with side panel thickness 16 mm)

    1 side railing set, rectangular (gallery rail, rear panel fitting)

    2 rear panel holders for lateral panels

    3 front panel stabilising plates

    Order reference

    Front panel and lateral panel not supplied. Front panel and lateral panel made from clear flint glass or satin frosted flint glass are available separately.

    Any board material with thickness of 8 mm can be used instead of glass (optional).

    Complementary products and accessories

    I-P-o M BxP50VIS fp.a.p.al16/92/1200/650

    • see key

      ⓐ Cabinet runner

      ⓑ Drawer sides with cover caps

      ⓕ Panel holder set and panel profile

      ⓖ Side railing set, rectangular

      ⓝ Lateral panel and rear panel holder

      ⓜ Front panel

    • Internal installation height

      * The top fixing screw is not required for internal pull out sets with load bearing capacity of 35 kg.

    • Rear panel installation dimensions

      * Rear panel height

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