Project information

  • Architecture & Interior Design: Archisphere, A-Vienna.
  • Operator: Hotel Schani GmbH, A-Vienna.
  • Investor: H5 GmbH & Co. KG, A-Vienna.
  • Hotel adviser: PKF hotelexperts GmbH, A-Vienna.
  • Scientific adviser: Fraunhofer IAO, D-Stuttgart.
  • Size: 135 rooms, 10 of which are maisonettes, 110 m² conference area, underground parking with 25 spaces.
  • Hotel opening: 2015.
  • Solutions: Dialock electronic access control system with self check-in, kiosk terminals, door terminals and wall terminals.

Hotel Schani. A project of the “Future Hotel” implemented with Dialock.

The future has already begun: The results of the scientific work of the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering (IAO) for the "FutureHotel" have been implemented in a specific project for the first time in the Hotel Schani Vienna next to the new main train station. Häfele provided the living “laboratory of the future” with innovative products.

Self check-in in the hotel Schani

Self check-in directly in the hotel at a kiosk terminal or online at home.

Considerable freedom with the self check-in

The bar in the hotel lobby acts as a hub for guests and visitors. That which has long since been used by airlines has been transferred to the modern hotel world in the Schani Vienna, which now uses the well-tried Dialock identification and access control system from Häfele.

There are two options for the personal freedom of the self check-in in the Schani Vienna: After making a reservation and paying online, the guests can check in from anywhere using the mobile check-in. Anyone who owns a smartphone can load the room key to the app onto their own phone prior to arrival using an app, and go directly to their selected favourite room without any detours. The check-out process is equally uncomplicated, since it also can be carried out on the move.

Anyone who does not want to use the mobile key system uses the second self check-in option. Integrated touch screen terminals at the "Schani Vienna" bar replace the traditional reception. The guest enters his booking information here. All that needs to be done now is add a signature on the electronic pad, and the Dialock identification card with the hotel branding is deposited in the dispenser at the front of the counter. This saves time – for the guest and also the hotel staff. Time which can be used for providing the guest with intensive advice when it comes to finding out where the most beautiful parts of the city are, for example.

Dialock is an access control system based on passive transponder technology. Both the mobile key and the key card communicate with the Dialock DT 210 door terminals at the guest rooms and the Dialock WT 100 wall terminal at the main entrance – although in different ways. Whereas the mobile key is controlled using the smartphone app, the key card communicates with the terminals via radio using a transponder (microchip with antenna which sits on the Dialock key). It does not require its own power supply, but obtains its energy for communication from the electrical field of the door or wall terminal. This is one of the reasons why the Dialock system is economical and fail-safe.

Future-proof and flexible

The hotel staff also use mobile keys or key cards for the staff entrance and the back-office areas. The staff entrance is equipped with the Dialock WT 100 wall terminal. DT 400 door terminals are installed in the back office area. Access managers can quickly obtain an overview of all locking operations, and locking authorisations are easily organised and can be changed in a jiffy if necessary. The high quality of the components assures reliably operation. If the Dialock transponder card is lost, it can be quickly blocked and replaced at low cost. Dialock can also be configured for additional requirements: be it the car park barrier, access to the wellness area, lift control, operating the coffee machine or connecting to cashless billing systems – the system can be flexibly adapted to new and changing requirements. This is an important aspect, because a FutureHotel such as the Schani Vienna does not just maintain its standards but continuously improves them.

The smartphone is the room key

The smartphone is the room key.

Despite their compact size, the 125 hotel rooms make an extremely spacious impression.

Despite their compact size, the 125 hotel rooms make an extremely spacious impression.