The suitcase high board: the showpiece for every collection.

Anyone who has caught the collecting bug is often faced with the tricky question of where to put all of the beautiful items which are not intended to be on permanent display. The thing that makes this collection a convertible cabinet. It securely stores the jewellery and opens up into a splendid stage if required.

The high board is reminiscent of a steamer trunk

During the development of such as sophisticated cabinet wall, the Häfele inventors drew on the good old steamer trunk for inspiration. This piece of luggage protects its contents when it is shut. When it is open, the crate becomes a fully-fledged cabinet which provides storage space and a clear overview. The suitcase high board follows this principle.

When it is shut, the high board presents itself as a distinctive exhibition area for all of your favourite items that you don’t want to let out of your sight. In this form, clever cube is 2.40 metres wide and 1.40 metres high. It has a depth of 50 cm.

The highboard is divided up section by section.

The highboard is divided up section by section.

The space wonder can grow up to four metres wide

Section by section, the high board can now be divided up and opens up more and more shelves to the left and right in the room. The high-quality sliding fitting makes each movement child’s play. At its full length, this space wonder is a total of four metres wide. The individual shelves are 23 centimetres deep.

Once the journey through the collection has been completed, the suitcase high board is returned to its slim starting position with a few manual operations. The personal treasures are now well protected and waiting for their next exhibition. And a look at the individually designed cabinet surface clears the observer’s mind for new collector ideas.