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interzum 2019: Loox5 – a new generation

"We make it easy." is the motto at interzum 2019. The new generation of the revised Häfele Loox LED lighting product range is easier to plan, install and control and lays the foundations for our Häfele Connect range of smart products. Loox5 offers new, surprising possibilities for functional and atmospheric lighting solutions in furniture and rooms.

Don't miss the live demonstration - we show this in a kitchen equipped with networked lighting.

Light is part of physical and mental well-being and networking

Light is an elementary component of life and influences us in various ways. It can motivate, calm, relax or enliven. Modern architecture uses light to create a desired atmosphere. LED lights are ideal for this because of their low heat build-up, small size and long operating life.

The Häfele Loox LED system illuminates work areas, presentation areas and living rooms from functional to decorative. Thanks to its simplicity and flexibility, Loox meets the requirements of networking and digitalization.


Get to know Loox, engineered by Häfele

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  • Own assortment motivation & Häfele expertise

The Häfele Loox LED lighting system makes it easy to develop lighting ideas and to plan flexibly. This is ensured by the large selection of different components from the luminaire to the switch. The Plug and Play system with easily understandable colour coding makes the system easy to assemble and install. It can be installed without the need for an electrician. All components are internationally tested and approved.


Maximum combination options due to modular design and wide range of lights and switches. And with a flexibly configurable driver as the central heart of the system.


Easy and reliable installation using simple plug-in system with clear color coding. Also for large systems


The design and materials of the lights and strip lights fulfil strict quality criteria and are designed to have a long service life.


To the Loox products

Häfele combines knowledge about light with development competence. This also includes constant analysis of developments on international markets. On this basis, Loox was created as a high-quality LED system that perfectly combines the needs of customers with the requirements of processors. Take the opportunity and experience the live demo at interzum 2019 at the Häfele booth. We will be happy to advise you and look forward to your visit.

You can also look forward to the designer lamps from Nimbus - the new member of the Häfele family!