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Let there be music: The new Sound-Edition from Häfele

  • Häfele introduces new Sound-Edition
  • Soundwaver and Neckster for at home or on the move
  • BTR 205 sound systems and 12-Volt audio system for integration in rooms and furniture

Life without music? It’s simply unthinkable for many of us. Today our favourite songs and playlists accompany us wherever we go; usually stored in our smartphones, tablets or notebooks. And our music is always accessible to us, whether we jog and wear headphones, listen in the car via Bluetooth and of course at home in our own four walls. Especially smart is the trendy Sound-Edition by Häfele with mobile audio components that can be integrated in rooms or furniture, both in plain view or out of sight. 

Häfele’s Sound Products offer many great features. They can be installed quickly and easily, visibly or invisibly, in furniture and ceilings, behind walls and mirrors and are even suitable for retrofits. They are the perfect musical companions for residential and commercial settings. In the bathroom, the kitchen, the living or children’s rooms, in doctors’ offices, offices or hotels. These ingenious furniture music speakers by Häfele bring great sound to life in furniture and rooms wherever they are used. Preferences and volume are controlled wirelessly via Bluetooth from a smartphone, tablet or laptop. CDs were yesterday’s preferred medium. Today music is transferred digitally via iTunes, Amazon or musicload, to name just a few and music is often listened to via online streaming providers such as Spotify, Simfy or Napster. Streaming offers the benefit of not having to dedicate valuable storage space on electronic devices, yet having instant access to a vast music library. The innovative Sound-Edition by Häfele allows the cabinet maker and interior architects and fitters to build customized furniture for his music-loving clientèle and generate additional business.

Soundwaver – Music at home and on the road

The Soundwaver from Häfele is the perfect companion at work, at home and to take on the road. The carefully designed and crafted black designer metal cylinder (diameter 54 x 63 mm) houses an innovative 360° sound transducer (exciter speaker) with 4 watts of amplifying power. It is a fascinating combination of Bluetooth receiver and built-in rechargeable battery. It transforms every hard surface such as wood, glass and metal into a sound carrier, allowing music to be reproduced with remarkable sound quality. Häfele even includes a suction cup for glass surfaces no additional charge. The Soundwaver battery can be recharged with a USB cable, for example from a computer. The set-up is child’s play: Place the Soundwaver on a hard surface, turn it on, enable the Bluetooth connection and pick your tune.

The Soundwaver+ is its big brother and the + stands for additional functions and higher output (26 watts). The small cube (dimensions 54 x 54 x 70 mm) features a touchpad surface that incorporates the audio controls, which can be conveniently controlled from the smartphone or tablet. It also includes a hands-free telephone function and allows for additional connection via an AUX port.

Music on the move – Neckster, the all-rounder

Brand new in the Häfele Sound-Edition line up is the Neckster, a true multi-talent. The Neckster is worn around the neck and can be connected with any Bluetooth device to play back its music library. This music bow is visually reminiscent of a headset and is equipped with speakers, a Bluetooth receiver, a smartphone/tablet holder and a hands-free telephone function. It is ideally suited for stationary and mobile use in the car, in the office or outside for hiking and bicycling. Unlike traditional headphones though, the Neckster does not isolate the user from his surroundings but allows him to be aware of surroundings, which is especially important when biking. If the Neckster is to play music at home, one simply places it on the table or any hard furniture (sideboard), mounts the phone and that’s all it takes to have stylish music player.

When not in use the Neckster can be folded up and is easily packed for any destination. It is equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and charged via USB cable. To allow connection of external speakers the Neckster is equipped with a mini stereo jack. This stylish multiplayer is the perfect companion for music lovers of all ages – and therefore a fantastic gift.

BTR 205 – The invisible sound system

The BTR 205 installation set is brilliant for built-in solutions in furniture pieces and walls that are truly invisible. It perfects the new technology and consists of a Bluetooth receiver, an integrated stereo amplifier and two exciter speakers. This allows the speakers to be mounted out of sight. Thanks to their compact dimensions (50 x 30 mm) the exciter speakers (5 Watt each) can be mounted in tight spaces, such as the undersides of tables, behind mirrors, in the ceiling or in furniture pieces that are thereby transformed into sound carriers. The pre-assembled BTR 205 Bluetooth receiver’s very compact dimensions of 45 x 28 x 140 mm allow installation just about everywhere, even in narrow hollow spaces. Operation of the sound system is controlled from a Bluetooth-enabled device such as a smartphone or tablet, just like the mobile Soundwaver. The BTR 205 system is also suitable for economical retrofits, for example in bathrooms, kitchens, doctors’ offices, offices, law offices and all other rooms.

The 12-Volt built-in audio system

The 12-volt audio system is a free standing built-in RDS radio with remote control, a Bluetooth receiver or a docking station with an integrated Bluetooth interface. The speakers are installed in visible flush mounted boxes or furniture. Everything is well thought out for a 12-Volt system, easily combined and assembled. The power supply is the internationally certified Loox driver. It allows sound and light to be powered by the same source. This adds value to furniture in every room. The white RDS built-in radio with remote control is set up for nine pre-programmed stations making it easy to tune to the favourite station. The frequency of this small radio ranges from 87.5 to 107.9 MHz. In addition it has an alarm and sleep function making the traditional night stand radio clock obsolete. The RDS Bluetooth receiver with its intuitive single button operation can be connected with all mobile devices. Its range is approximately 10 meters. Even more convenience and flexibility is afforded by the docking station with integrated Bluetooth receiver. The high-end charging station is equipped with the new Lightning plug for the iPhone and a micro USB plug for all other smartphones. The smartphone is simply placed in the dock and has a fixed and safe place in the room during charging. The additional Bluetooth receiver makes continued use of the mobile phone possible while the music keeps playing. The built-in RDS radio can also be connected with the Bluetooth receiver and the docking station so that in addition to radio, music can also be played back via Bluetooth-enabled devices. Matching to this system, 12-volt speakers for flush mounted boxes and furniture mounting with plug and play connectors to all other 12 Volt audio components are also available from Häfele.

The power supply for all three built-in components is the renowned 12 V Loox driver which combined with the LED lighting system from Häfele also takes care of light in furniture. Thanks to the cost-efficient use of the Loox driver the economical use of the sound components can be justified around the world.

Häfele Sound-Edition: Entertainment for room and furniture
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