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Häfele: New Covid-19 Hygiene Articles

In times of COVID-19, protection against infection is the top priority in all areas of life. Under the motto, “Strengthen hygiene measures”, Häfele has put together an up-to-date product range that is now available worldwide and that effectively supports responsible work together in the office, at home, and in public. There are different products for the different transmission paths to reduce the risk of infection and spread. Hands-free opening, hygienic protective walls, and hand hygiene all make their contribution, among other things.

We created a complete range of suitable products, summarised at under the heading, “Strengthen hygiene measures”. They are all sustainable articles that will serve users for a long time.

Working at a distance

Proximity and communication despite the current situation. Where it is not possible to keep a distance, hygienic protective walls ensure a safe cooperation. They are easy to set up, mobile, even fully transparent if desired, easy-care, and sound absorbing. For every application, the new range at Häfele offers the right protective wall as well as fitting technology for fastening self-made partitions. 

A perfect combination of sound insulation and security is provided, for example, by the transparent Rossoacoustic CP30 panel and partition system developed by Nimbus. It kills two birds with one stone because it serves to acoustically and physically shield workplaces and allows keeping the necessary distance from colleagues. Despite the shielding, the translucent partitions allow for bright and light-flooded work areas. They are very easy to clean, and have an extremely attractive and stylish appearance.

In contrast to the smooth, closed plexiglass surfaces, currently frequently used as Corona emergency solutions in offices, the Rossoacoustic CP 30 system has the outstanding advantage of balancing the desired speech discrimination and reverberation time between the protective walls. This is achieved by a special microperforation. This product was developed in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics (IBP).

Hands-free opening of doors

Door handles are collection points for germs and viruses, which is why opening them without using your hands is always safety-relevant, not only in Corona times. Häfele offers special door handles that are approved for escape and fire protection doors, as well as lever handle attachments for retrofitting.  They allow any door to be easily opened using your forearm.

Another option is the use of attachments or double action doors that can be opened with a foot. Motorisation or using a door stop is another solution.

Optimal hand hygiene

Regular and proper hand washing is the basis for avoiding infection. Where this is not possible, disinfectant can be provided to supplement extensive hand hygiene. Mobile, visually appealing hygiene stands are the solution. Paper towel dispensers and paper towels complete the product range and can be ordered from Häfele quickly with just a few mouse clicks in the online shop.


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