New dovetail connector from Häfele

Invisible, positive-fitting connections

“Do a lot, show a little” is the motto. Puristic architecture should have its counterpart in the interior, on the furniture. Together with the seidlkern architect’s office from Freising, near Munich, Häfele has developed a new connector that makes this possible. The Häfele dovetail connector re-interprets the dovetail principle for wood connections. Its high quality, solid aluminium rail with dovetail groove is inserted into the leading edges of the shelves and accommodates the dovetail sleeves that are screwed onto the counter piece. The connection remains invisible from the front. Shelves can be attached to the side panels flush, inset or projecting outwards. Furniture with completely concealed, firmly connected hardware fittings is created in this way.

Libraries, stores, exhibition stand construction and more...

Designed for the construction of library furniture, floor-to-ceiling shelving and book shelves, the dovetail connector has quickly gained creative favour in many other areas. The quick, uncomplicated and tool-less assembly predestines it for use in exhibition stand construction and store equipment. Furniture with dovetail connectors can be assembled and dismantled again as many times as required by a single person. Shelves can be removed at any time, and inserted in a different location. Different shelf heights are achieved in an instant.

High load-bearing capacity and sturdy

Although it has extremely filigree dimensions and is put together using simple components, the dovetail connector is extremely stable and has tremendous load-bearing capacity. The installation of several shelves stabilises the cabinet. The firm connection prevents high shelving units from bulging, since the connection can also be put under tensile load. Wobbling, flapping or even tilting of the shelves is prevented. High-quality, invisible and stable. The new dovetail connector from Häfele is a high-quality, stable innovation product which can be processed quickly. Anyone who would like to convince themselves of the lightness of this modern dovetail connector can request a small mock-up from Häfele.

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