Häfele kitchen vacuum for plinths: putting storage space to good use

Guzzler for the floor

Unused storage space behind the plinth panel doesn't need to be the case. Häfele has now had a clever idea for making extremely meaningful use of spare room at floor level. The new stationary kitchen vacuum for plinths disappears behind the panelling. It is a powerful glutton, and guzzles everything that lands on the floor when working in the kitchen – and as we know, this is usually quite a lot. In order to get rid of the garbage comfortably, you do not need to bend down. A toe-poke suffices, and if necessary you can also assist with the broom. The conventional vacuum cleaner is not required for these small cleaning jobs.

The discreet kitchen helper fits into almost any kitchen environment with its design-oriented stainless steel front panel. It is suitable for installing in plinth panels with a minimum height of 116 mm. It is child's play to install in a 330 x 110 mm cut-out.

The powerful vacuum with power consumption of 650 Watts is operated via a foot switch. It deals with dirt, crumbs and even animal hair, and is also extremely suitable for vacuuming dirt from the broom itself. No bending down, no dustpans necessary – which makes housework much easier. Its energy-saving, automatic safety shut-off reacts after 10 seconds. A dust bag change indicator shows you when the dust bag needs to be changed. In order to do this, the vacuum is pulled out of the plinth towards the front, and the new bag is then easy to install from above. The volume of the bag is sufficient for up to 12 weeks on average.

The vacuum is supplied in a complete set with suction unit, power cable, front panel, 5 dust bags with filter, installation template, fastening materials and installation instructions.

Haefele kitchen vacuum for plinths
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