More convenience with modern kitchen assistants

Häfele: large accessory product range for the kitchen

Häfele has a large number of fittings for intelligent interior cabinet equipment, modern kitchen assistants and accessories in its extensive kitchen product range.

E-Touch door opener for the pull-out

The new E-Touch door opener is one of the highlights in the latest kitchen accessory product range. It opens larder units with an internal pull out for door front fixing electrically with the gentlest of touches and provides complete access to the interior – a larder unit can’t be opened more conveniently and quietly. The E-Touch opener can be retrofitted. The maximum push-out weight is 120 kg.

Elegant railing systems – also with integrated batten light

Anyone who wants to have the most important kitchen utensils close at hand at all times and would like to make optimum use of the storage space between the wall unit and the base unit will find the best possible solution in railing systems from Häfele. The designer railing system made from aluminium with the stainless steel look makes an extremely elegant and light impression, with its wide range of hook-in elements, including towel and hook rails, universal shelves, paper towel roll holder and magnetic knife rack. The railing systems with optional batten light and an identical version with an integrated LED strip light are even more elegant. The latter has a contactless IR switch / dimmer and makes it possible to create atmospheric, indirect lighting of the hook-in elements and the worktop. The power is provided by the well-tried Loox driver.

From the single-lever tap: sparkling table water...

As well as tap water, the new Blue and Blue Pure single-lever tap can also provide fresh, filtered and cooled table water. The Blue model even provides sparkling water – with medium or strong fizz, however you like it.

...or boiling hot drinking water

The visually identical Red single-lever tap is ideal for offices and kitchenettes: it is equipped with a 4 or 8 litre boiler as well as the filter unit, and supplies boiling hot water – without the wait.

Dishwasher in a drawer

For single households or the office kitchen, Häfele can provide a dishwasher that can be hidden in a drawer – only the small control panel on the front gives it away. Nine dishwashing programmes are available, including an eco-option. The drawer dishwasher is open underneath, i.e. it can be operated by wheelchair users without problems.

Smart cutting and storage space made from granite

Not only practical but just plain sophisticated is the granite panel that is embedded flush in the worktop, which is perfectly suitable as a place to put down hot pots and pans or use as a cutting surface. It can also be retrofitted. A smart alternative for putting hot pans onto are protection rails made from zinc alloy, which are simply glued to worktops made from oiled wood, laminate, glass, granite, stone or slate.

Electric lift systems for the wall unit.

Hoisting and lift systems provide full access to the entire storage space, particularly in wall units. Häfele has various electric lift systems in its product range with which worktops, wall units and internal cabinets can be raised or lowered to the required level.

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