Investing in the future of sliding door fittings

Focussing on two sites

Häfele, the international specialist for hardware and fitting systems and electronic locking systems with its headquarters in Nagold in the Black Forest, will consolidate its production and development activities with regard to the high-growth sliding door fittings market into two sites in Germany and Hungary. The Weco production site (Weber & Co GmbH KG) in Velbert, which currently employs 50 staff and belongs to the Häfele Group, is scheduled to cease business operations at the end of 2016.


The objective of this restructuring process is to simplify production and product development and improve cost structures by incorporating existing organisational units. Häfele is underlining the importance of this market segment in the future development of the Group, which employs over 7,100 staff and has 37 international subsidiaries. In the furniture industry, the demand for sliding door fittings has grown relentlessly over the past few years; an international trend which Häfele believes will continue into the future. In the light of this development, the company took over the sliding door fittings specialist, Weco, three years ago. This enabled Häfele to improve its development capability, extend its range of products, increase its production capacity and acquire new, internationally active customers in the furniture industry. However, the site in Velbert did not provide the internationally active corporate Group with the potential to develop an economically viable and competitive production and logistics function on an international scale.


After careful consideration of all the options available, the product development and production functions will be consolidated into the existing sites in Jettingen near Nagold and Budapest in Hungary. 

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