Innovative: Door frame installation without foam

Häfele: Quick installation, easy, ecological, recyclable

Clamping instead of foaming, environmentally friendly mechanical method rather than polluting chemicals, recycling rather than throwing away, quick and easy adjustment, installation and removal without damaging – it would be easy to find many other good arguments in favour of the innovative frame cramp set from Häfele. his intelligent alternative to typical foam, screw and dowel mounting of wooden door frames made a sensational début in front of the specialist public at the BAU trade fair in Munich. The new, mechanical frame cramp set from Häfele will be available from the fourth quarter of 2019. 

With the mechanical frame cramp set, Häfele is offering a solution which uses no environmentally harmful materials whatsoever. In contrast to fixed installation with foam, dowels and screws, the frame can be adjusted in three dimensions and removed at any time with the new cramp set. Because it complies with all of the environmental protection criteria, the usual disposal of hazardous materials is not required. The new frame cramp set from Häfele also impresses with its processing capability, which is both temperature and humidity-independent. The building site remains clean to a considerable extent, since no damage or soiling is created on site during or after installation. Installation requires just a few steps, and can be partially prepared for in the factory. 

Efficient installation saves time and money
Fewer installation accessories (no wedges or spreaders), three-dimensional adjustment, the simplest of processing, even by less qualified installers without violating safety regulations also saves time and money during installation. The loading capability and usability of the door immediately after installation is also an advantage. Dismantling capability due to quick and easy removal and the recycling capability of the materials that are used make the new frame cramp set from Häfele an environmentally friendly product.

The mechanical frame cramp set consists of a mounting plate, clamping jaws, mounting brackets, four wood screws and two threaded screws. It has a modular design, and secures the frame using a clamping mechanism. Six elements per door are fitted in the same locations as the foaming points. The modular design provides compatibility with a wide variety of wall thicknesses and wall materials.


Türzargen-Einbau ohne Schaum.
Türzargen-Einbau ohne Schaum.

Door frame installation without foam. The main elements of the innovative, mechanical frame cramp set from Häfele are the mounting plate, the clamping jaws and the mounting bracket. The on-site installation situation can be seen in the two images, together with an exploded drawing with a view of the frame.

Mechanische Türzargenbefestigung
Mechanische Türzargenbefestigung

The mechanical frame cramp set for wooden frames from Häfele saves time and money in apartment construction, and also for the construction of new hotels and hotel refurbishment. The frames are adjusted and aligned in the wall cut-out with pre-installed mounting plates, the mounting brackets are inserted and fixed, the panelling is inserted, the door leaf is hung – finished. It couldn’t be easier.

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