Holz-Handwerk 2016: Häfele impresses with new products and partnership concepts

Home advantage with the kitchen with added value

Once again, Häfele made a major impression at the Holz-Handwerk in Nuremberg with innovative products, ideas and partnership concepts. Cabinet makers and joiners filled the booth from the first day to the last, keeping the exhibition team fully occupied. The top dog in the industry had obviously struck a chord in the industry with this year’s topics. Häfele advocated closer cooperation in order to provide mutual support, presented the further development of the storage space topic in the newly-created kitchen with added value, promoted Loox LED light and sound in furniture as well as additional convenience in furniture with electrically operated Free high-end flap fittings and Slido sliding door fittings.

It was therefore hardly surprising that the Häfele trade fair booth with its 700 square metres was not just visited once by many people, but multiple times. This is where people could obtain more information and be inspired, talk shop with field service acquaintances, specialist advisers, hardware specialists and associates, or simply take a break from the hustle and bustle of the trade fair in the extensive hospitality area.

Häfele put the main focus of its trade fair appearance on the kitchen with added value that it had developed together with its cabinet maker and joiner partners. This was where the subject of storage space that had been successfully implemented in the industry was intelligently developed further towards the kitchen.

The kitchen with added value really is a convenience, storage space and functionality wonder. This plus from the joiner brings 30 % more storage space and 20 % more working area, incorporates store rooms in the overall planning right from the start and favours the space-saving use of sliding doors. It also provides more freedom for positioning of sinks and additional storage space in the drawer.

This kitchen is a new partner idea from Häfele, one of many that ensure that Häfele customers are usually always a nose ahead of the competition. Häfele partners will find this documented in a customary high-quality new brochure, which is part of an entire marketing package under the title of “Your kitchen from the joiner” – an inspired aid for talking to customers and a “turbocharger” for Sales.

The specialist visitor found out and experienced how to sell more with Häfele at Holz-Handwerk on the Häfele trade fair booth.


More main topics:

An initial look at the new Häfele Internet presence

Visitors of the booth were able to get an initial look at the new web presence of the hardware technology specialist. A new generation online shop is currently being created that can be operated quickly, easily and reliably by anyone. All Häfele customers will be able to benefit from this from the second half of the year onwards.

Digital furniture planning – the next step

Häfele makes digital furniture planning a great success with a plug-in for the joiner software. The way in which the world of Häfele fittings grows together with the “imos 3D” industrial software, for example, and how digitised planning revolutionises furniture construction was demonstrated in a separate area.


New products in brief:

Comfort and functionality with electricity in furniture

The incorporation of electric elements in furniture is a traditional Häfele domain. The 3rd generation of the easily connectable and internationally deployable Loox lighting system was exhibited in the black box – for experimenting with light and sound in furniture. Other topics included electrically operated lift columns, sliding doors and the Dialock electronic access control system.

Slido Classic sliding door systems – scalable and modular.

With the Slido sliding fittings, Häfele has a comprehensive range of products for sliding doors made from wood, glass or with an aluminium frame. The new Slido Classic 35 VFS and Slido Classic 50 VFS Vorfront fittings are now available. These are individually configurable from the roller to the Synchro control.

Free flap fittings family from in-house production

Häfele has the “Free” family for furniture flaps in wall units. It covers all of the most popular types of opening, and can be electrified. The company brought a world first to the market with the economical Free flap H 1.5 stay flap fitting with an innovative combination of materials.

Officys with new table base generation

In the office area, a new table base generation for extremely simple modular construction and quick installation made its début. These products with the new linear rectangular column design from our own development and production with a comprehensive range of accessories have continuous electrical height adjustment.

The kitchen with added value was in the spotlight of the Häfele exhibition appearance.

The kitchen with added value was in the spotlight of the Häfele exhibition appearance.

Häfele had a full house at all times at the Holz-Handwerk trade fair in Nuremberg.

Häfele had a full house at all times at the Holz-Handwerk trade fair in Nuremberg.

Creative cabinet makers and joiners can generate additional business with clever storage space solutions.

Creative cabinet makers and joiners can generate additional business with clever storage space solutions.

Häfele exhibited its new table base system with electric height adjustment in the office area.
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