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Häfele wins multiple awards at Intergastra 2014

  • Häfele wins multiple awards at Intergastra
  • Häfele presented new products for the trending topic of “Furniture sound”
  • The “Hotel room of the future” winner "Youth Lab" is a real crowd-puller

Travelling is currently one of the most popular leisure activities. Short stays in your own country, those little escapes from everyday life, are also becoming increasingly popular. The hotel and catering industries have picked up on this trend and are continuously expanding their range of products in order to fulfil visitor demands for “enjoyable short stays”. Optimum assistance is being provided by partners such as Häfele, the specialist for hardware and fitting systems and electronic access control systems. Häfele created a stir at Intergastra 2014 in Stuttgart with its transponder-controlled Dialock access control system, innovative products and concepts, and its target group-oriented 360° comprehensive project solution.

The globally operating company, which is based in Nagold in the northern Black Forest area of Germany, is becoming increasingly well known for putting additional convenience and functionality into hotel rooms. This pleasing development was confirmed by the numerous awards that the hardware specialist took home from Intergastra, and also the many visitors that came to the Häfele trade fair booth and their positive feedback to Youth Lab, the hotel room of the future, the hotel room door from a single source and various other product innovations. The highlights in the product segment were the new Dialock DT510 profile cylinder, which makes the change from conventional mechanical locking system to electronic access control system child’s play, and the exclusive LoopDock iPad docking station, which recharges the popular Apple tablet and gives it a safe place in hotel rooms, for example.

“Furniture Sound” - Music in furniture

The new Häfele products on the fashionable topic of “Furniture Sound” that made their début at the trade fair also created a stir in the hotel industry target group. So-called soundwavers with integrated Bluetooth receiver and built-in RDS radios use the furniture as a soundbox, either built-in invisibly or in the form of small mobile devices. This is why the WHD soundwavers marketed by Häfele don't require speakers. These ingenious music players for furniture are simply controlled from a tablet or smartphone using Bluetooth and provide music to your ears – an impressive and amazing music experience in any hotel room.

Successful hotels have a personal signature

Häfele is a company that traditionally likes to think outside the box, is thinking ahead and is often a step ahead of many competitors in collaboration with its partners from the hotel industry. The following brief summary of the trade fair makes this forward-looking and integrated approach clear: “Germany is becoming increasingly popular as a holiday destination, which was confirmed by the many interesting discussions we had at Intergastra”, explains Udo Jungebloed, Head of the domestic projects, sales and planning department at Häfele. “However, there is a great deal of competition, which is why it is becoming increasingly important for individual hotels to have a personal signature. A coherent overall concept consisting of destination, architecture, regional cooking, local produce and ambient atmosphere now all play a part in making a hotel successful. This is precisely the philosophy that is supported by Häfele and its products. The record number of contacts and inquiries during the five days of the trade fair is confirmation that we can make a significant contribution to implementing future-oriented hotel concepts with our wide range of products and advisory expertise”, continues Udo Jungebloed.

“Youth Lab” - Hotel room of the future and crowd-puller

The visitors to the Häfele trade fair booth and the two special exhibitions “Fokus Hotel” and “Intergastra Innovation Award” were given an impression of this innovation at Intergastra. The Nagold-based company presented its “Youth Lab”, the youth hostel room of the future that has already won several awards, in the “Fokus Hotel” theme park. It was specially designed for the target group of travellers who are young and young at heart – and proved to be a prize-winning crowd puller at Intergastra. The Youth Lab was one of the three exhibited winners of the “Hotel room of the future” competition.

Only a short distance away from the special exhibitions was the Häfele trade fair booth, where the “Hotel room door” that was developed by Häfele was on show next to many other innovations. It contains all of the required and application-specific components from the steel frame to the door hardware and the door leaf to the electronic access control system as a complete system ready for installation. Häfele hotel specialists were presented with the Innovation Award at the trade fair in the “Design” category for this completely new concept. The award was handed over by Baden-Württemberg Governor Winfried Kretschmann.

Further evidence of the status that Häfele enjoys as a partner to the hotel industry is another award: the “Top Hotel Opening Award 2013”. Awards are given to the best hotel newcomers of the year in four different categories at Intergastra. Häfele equipped the respective winners of the “Exceptional”, “Budget” and “Leisure” categories with everything doors need and everything furniture needs. Häfele demonstrated its expertise in seven of the 16 nominated hotel projects.

Häfele has once again highlighted its claim to be a future-oriented partner to the accommodation industry at Intergastra with these solutions for the hotel industry, which are not only good value but also novel and surprising.

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