Tavoletto and Teleletto 2 from Häfele: Space-saving and clever

Wonderfully convertible

Modern man commutes between the metropolises of this world, both professionally and privately. For many people, travelling is more of the norm than being at home. Hotels are the central hot spots in the middle of this new world of living and working. They have to be adapted to different requirements: to lone travellers, groups, tourists and business people. Customers that only stay in the hotel for one night expect accommodation that is equally as comfortable as that of long-term visitors who are being visited by their families at the weekend. Working, conferring, relaxing – this should all be possible in the new hotel rooms.


But how do hotel operators solve this conundrum? How can they provide temporary accommodation that is a dynamic working location and a cosy home at the same time? How can the “Creative Workforce” that always carries its workplace around with it in the form of a laptop be provided with the functionality of an office in a standard hotel room? How can a room be equipped in which one guest can be comfortably accommodated today, and three tomorrow?

Making hotel rooms bigger is certainly not an effective way of reacting to the new requirements, because providing more square metres in the hotel also costs more money, of course. This soon makes the hotel operation unprofitable. “Hotel luxury” is no longer luxury of the lavish areas, but versatility, substance and value. Anyone who wants to create really innovative hotel concepts needs clever tools. “Multi-functional furniture” that provides more space and high-quality comfort in a standard room. The ibis Styles hotels in Trier and in Nagold have gone in new directions in collaboration with hardware specialist Häfele with quick-change artists that show examples of how to meet changing requirements extremely economically in the same room and also accommodate additional guests, if necessary.


Tavoletto and Teleletto 2: The clever way of saving space

The simple term “multi-functional” doesn't do justice to innovative furniture such as the Tavoletto quick-change artist and the Teleletto 2


space miracle from Häfele. In addition to their versatility, they also impress with a well thought-out design, which is based on many years of experience in the project business. Their individual appearance is flexibly and individually adapted by the cabinet maker or the furniture industry to the design concept of each hotel during manufacture.

Tavoletto and Teleletto 2 hit the nerve of our changeable times exactly, since the room equipment for modern “big city nomads” has to be just as flexible as its users. As the name implies, the Tavoletto is a clever combination of desk and bed, while the Teleletto is a comfortable sofa that can be converted into a high-quality (double) bed in no time. Anyone who thinks of the “foldaway bed” will be amazed: The mobility of this furniture is based on state-of-the-art, innovative Häfele hardware technology, a far cry from conventional folding and sliding mechanisms.


Innovative hardware technology for modern requirements

Two requirements, one furniture item – functionality with which Tavoletto and Teleletto 2 provide more space and comfort.

Remarkable: In order to convert Tavoletto from a fully equipped desk to a comfortable hotel bed, the table top doesn't have to be cleared. This is made possible by the unique movement of the intelligent Häfele hardware system, which operates like a parallelogram. It ensures that the table top is always in a horizontal position. It slides down, and nothing slips off. When the bed is folded down there is plenty of room between the table top and the bed for the PC, the monitor and some files if necessary. Next morning the bed is folded away again and disappears into the rear panel of the furniture. The fully operational desk then appears, on which everything is arranged exactly as it was the previous evening. Two retaining pins prevent the desk from unintentionally unfolding when something is put on top of it.

Additional storage spaces such as a wall cabinet with lighting and other functions can be integrated, making the furniture ultra-flexible and configurable to your requirements.

Innovative Häfele functionality is also evident with Teleletto 2: The comfortable sofa can be converted into a fully functional hotel bed with an extra-wide surface in an instant with this fitting. It can disappear completely into the cabinet if necessary. Hotel rooms can therefore


be easily converted into spacious living rooms. The design of the Teleletto 2 fitting is proof of Häfele's special innovative power. The sofa drops below the surface when the bed is folded open. Thanks to this special mechanism, Teleletto 2 has the ideal seating height as a sofa, and the ideal height for lying down as a bed. Equipped with a slatted frame and a comfortable mattress, the Tavoletto and the Teleletto 2 are also fully functional hotel beds and comply with the applicable quality standard.


Multi-mobile lifestyle is reflected in the hotel room

Häfele has already given a great deal of thought to the “Hotel room of the future” as a hardware specialist. Tavoletto and Teleletto 2 are just two of the many innovative equipment ideas that resulted from this. However, for the hotelier they are simple to implement and have an immediate impact. Completely different usage scenarios are suddenly possible in a conventional hotel room. The standard double room, furnished with a conventional double bed and the multi-functional sofa, is converted into a three-bed room in an instant. Friends or colleagues travelling together or small families can spend the night here comfortably without a roll away bed having to be put up and put away by the hotel staff. A standard single room is effortlessly turned into a double room with Teleletto 2 hardware technology. For example, a handicapped guest can be accompanied by a carer and both of them sleep in a fully functional separate hotel bed in which they keep their own private space.

If the hotel room is equipped with a double bed and Tavoletto, it provides a long-term business traveller, for example, with an office and a living room during the week, and at the weekend the desk disappears and the family can move in.

Häfele functionality provides maximum flexibility and convertibility in the hotel with a relatively low investment and protects the hotel's future and budget to a considerable extent, and what's even more important, the guests are satisfied. What more could you want?


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