Häfele online shop: Fit for ERP systems

Interface to industry solution software – OSD is ready to go

Häfele customers can inquire about product data and prices in the Häfele online shop in real time directly from their ERP systems, calculate orders and order directly using the new Häfele online shop interface (eCommerce API). The Häfele brand world in the new online shop at www.haefele.de is particularly convenient and easy to access with this new interface to industry solution software providers. Leading industrial company OSD has already made this option available to its customers, and other providers will follow.

An ERP System – also known as industry solution software among joiners and interior designers – is a system of communicating application software and IT systems, which is used to support the company’s planning.

The eCommerce API interface from Häfele acts as an additional turbocharger in the process flow for these ERP systems, which are gaining in popularity within the companies, since the user does not need to leave his familiar environment to order items from Häfele.

He can find his up to date, customer-specific prices, availability, minimum order quantities, delivery date and other important information in real time in his ERP software. This quick and easy planning and reliable project calculation are what make this kind of smooth cooperation between industry solution software providers and Häfele so fascinating.

Time saving and transparency

Häfele is helping people to save time and providing maximum transparency with the new interface. No duplicate entries are required. Commissioning, i.e. putting together partial quantities of ordered items on the forms, makes assignment to manufacturing and the project post-costing when the items arrive at the company much easier. The material master data stored in the customer’s ERP software for the entire online Häfele product range is updated online, and time-consuming manual entry using Datanorm files and Excel lists is no longer required. Of course, customers with ERP software benefit from the unlimited availability of the Häfele online shop, which can be used around the clock.

OSD made the final version 8.0 with the Häfele interface available to its customers at the beginning of the year.

Interface to industry solution software – OSD is ready to go

Direct access to the Häfele product range from the industry solution software, made possible by an interface.

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