Flexible use of space in an instant

Häfele Slido Wall: System for mobile partition walls

Rooms of all kinds in private and commercial areas are manually or semi-automatically increased or reduced in size in accordance with requirements using the Slido Wall partition wall system from Häfele. In the hospitality industry, several independently usable rooms or co-working spaces are created in an instant from a large conference area or the breakfast room, for example, in accordance with the requirements of the day or the needs of the guests.

Slido Wall from Häfele is a partition wall system which has been tested in the field, optimised continuously over the years and adapted to the latest market requirements time and time again. Slido Wall partition walls are available in a wide range of weight classes up to 1,600 kg per element. This means that the system can cope with nearly all imaginable requirements from a simple partition wall to complex systems. Slido Wall moves partition walls with differently shaped elements in all colours and many materials, an all-rounder in the project, so to speak. Heights of up to 15,000 mm can be realised using wooden elements, 3,500 mm with glass and element widths of up to 1,240 mm. Other element widths are available on request. Sliding walls with Slido Wall are available for wooden and glass elements in soundproofed and non-soundproofed versions. They can be moved together manually or semi-automatically to make a solid wall, or disappear discreetly into the parking area of wall niches when opened. 

The individual elements are suspended from a ceiling running track made from aluminium. The elements are disconnected from each other using a crank or semi-automatically using a key switch. They can then be moved along the tracks using maintenance-free, ball bearing-mounted rollers – either in order to re-partition the room, park the elements in the parking area or make them disappear into a niche. If additional personnel move into an office that is equipped with Slido Wall, the working area can be increased in size without further ado. 

Many designs, colours and materials
Slido Wall adapts itself to different architectural prerequisites with its wide range of finishes. Both the frame and the panelling can be individually designed. The sliding wall fulfils the special requirements of the room with different element types as a full element or with an integrated door leaf. 

Different carrier materials (e.g. chipboard) with natural wood veneers or laminates are available for the cladding, or optionally with panels coated with melamine resin. Finishes with an anti-fingerprint finish, a felt finish or special finishes such as ones with an acoustic effect can be supplied. Protruding hardware components are nowhere to be seen. The profiles should preferably be recessed into the ceiling. The partition walls can therefore be seamlessly integrated into any ambience, and help to design it in a positive way. No restrictions are placed upon the sophisticated decoration of living areas and workplaces.

Slido Wall partitioning systems – the basic types
When it is a case of partitioning extremely large rooms in a discreet and reliable way with the elements described above, the Slido Wall K 110 is the correct choice. It can be used to realise elements that are 15 m high weighing up to 1,600 kg with soundproofing of up to 58 dB. 

The Slido Wall K 80 and K 90 partition walls have been redesigned. These are two additional soundproofed partition walls for door thicknesses of 80 and 90 mm. They differ in terms of their soundproofing values and their maximum installation height.

Slido M 100 is used for glass partition walls with maximum installation heights of up to 3,500 mm. This glass partition wall achieves soundproofing of up to 46 dB. It provides transparency in small and large areas that are flooded with light, yet still provides effective soundproofing. The key feature is that Slido Wall K 110 and M 100 can be combined with each other without problems. A wicket door with a transparent appearance is also available here.

Slido Wall 150-S is suitable for visual partitioning, e.g. with wooden elements up to 3,500 mm in height. This system is popular for buffets, serving counters, chair storage etc.

Slido Wall 150-R for glass sliding walls without soundproofing is particularly popular for use in shopping arcades or open-plan offices. It opens and closes reliably and retains transparency. The standard elements can be automatically locked and unlocked in floor sockets. There is no need for locking using your feet or hands.

Depending on the configuration, Slido Wall is used in linear form or in segments. One or two leaf pivot sliding doors make it possible to create variable openings which can be equipped with door closers. Slido Wall does not have a floor guide. Thanks to the compact design, the space requirement for the running track and the parking niche is minimal. Structures that are flush with the ceiling are possible almost anywhere, since the running track only has a small installation height. Slido Wall elements are available at Häfele as a TopCo service. This means that they can be obtained in quantities starting at 1. 

The Dialock electronic access control system from Häfele can be integrated in the Slido Wall mobile partition wall. This means that the wicket door and/or the semi-automatic mechanism can be actuated as required. Be it in shopfitting, an event room, an office, a seminar room or at home: From a technical and design point of view, Slido Wall provides everything that can be desired of a mobile sliding wall. Its wide range of possible uses makes it the perfect choice for almost any environment.  

Slido Wall-Trennwände von Häfele

Slido Wall partition walls from Häfele in the Intercity hotel Brunswick.

Slido Wall Glastrennwänden

You always find the right balance between discretion and transparency in meeting rooms with glass partition walls.

Slido Wall

Even high rooms (up to 15 m) are partitioned off without problems with the Slido Wall partition wall system from Häfele, as shown in this example from the clubhouse of a Cologne golf club.

Slido Wall Trennwand aus Glas

There couldn’t be more transparency – Slido Wall glass partition wall in a wine shop.

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