Digital Furniture Planning: Fully Integrated

New: imos software update 11.2 with Häfele plug-in

  • Support for digital furniture planning using different Häfele planning and configuration tools
  • Häfele plug-in in the imos industrial software
  • Construction data consisting of 29,700 items of CAD data and 9,000 items of CAM data

Häfele closes the loop and brings digital furniture planning full circle. With the latest update 11.2 and the Häfele plug-in, industry software imos 3D now integrates the world of Häfele hardware. With a simple click of a mouse the designer now moves seamlessly between the Häfele configuration tool and the imos industry software. The operator can now take full advantage of digital furniture planning and construction benefits while enjoying the support of Häfele’s hardware know-how. Even upscale hardware technology is now easily integrated digitally – from planning to manufacturing.

Häfele invested in the quality of its data files, a simplified workflow and an XML interface for seamless data exchange to create more value for their partners. The value manifests itself through continuous user support in the process of digital furniture planning with an interlinked package consisting of 29,700 CAD files and 9,000 CAM files. The construction files are an integral part of the industry software.

The process comes full circle when the digital planning results in the industry software are transferred directly to the CNC machine or the work centre. The high quality, machine compatible CAM data files from Häfele make this a reality – CAM stands for Computer Aided Manufacturing. The files can be introduced to a manufacturing environment without further revisions. They contain all measurements for cutting, routing and drilling; another service for the trade.


Complex processes simplified

Digital furniture planning only makes sense when all processes work together. That is why Häfele created the new XML interface. This way the data files are easy to work with through every step of the way, right to the finished piece. The interface allows the simplified and non-problematic exchange of data between the software of the market leader in the furniture industry and the Häfele configuration tools. The Häfele aids and configuration tools are integrated into the well-known imos software programs. Extragroup and OS data (OSD) will follow.

The result: The cabinet maker will continue to work in a familiar program setting and will plan the entire furniture piece from A-Z digitally in the same system. The world of hardware technology, desired features such as built-in furniture and extensions etc. are added via a software plug-in from Häfele (recognizable by the capital Häfele Ä). When finished all data and files will be backed up to the cabinet maker’s manufacturing software. One can plan with confidence because Häfele’s software integrates a logic check; meaning that unlike most CAD programs, this software can only process digital items for those ideas that can be physically possible in the furniture piece being planned. Naturally, all required hardware items can be ordered from Häfele immediately.


The entire library for the digital workflow from Häfele

Independent of the fully integrated version of the industry software for furniture manufacturers Häfele offers the latest generations of its hardware configuration tools for wooden drawers, drawer side runners, the office system Variant as well as the latest generation of flap fittings on its website. The new configuration tools from Häfele simplify the planning and application of modern hardware technology significantly.

If individual hardware data for planning and construction is required a link for “CAD Data” is provided on the website. Only a few clicks are required for the user to find and download the files. Best of all, the data is available in all popular formats such as DWG, DXF, PDF3D etc., and the data is optimized for all popular software programs and can be imported via the direct integration function.


Website – the best information source for digital furniture planning

The new configuration tools, the CAD data as well as numerous additional planning and configuration tools can be found at and used efficiently in day-to-day operations.

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