Design highlight – complete drawer

Häfele exclusive: The tailor-made TA’OR Box system, planned and delivered in a jiffy

Pre-assembled drawers are becoming increasingly popular in the woodworking and furniture industries. No wonder, as they usually save time and money when building furniture. They can be configured and ordered in just a few steps using the app or online. During installation, the complete drawers merely have to be unpacked and inserted. Häfele has been offering such drawers as a TopComfort service for years. With the TA’OR Box system, available immediately, furniture manufacturers can easily serve the high-end furniture segment thanks to the customised design variety.

The pre-assembled TA’OR wooden drawers are available ready for installation or, if required, can be delivered disassembled in a flat pack. They can be installed without tools in 60 seconds and shine with outstanding quality and innovative construction. The drawers are manufactured industrially with a minimum quantity of one, with millimetre precision. With 35 billion possible design versions, they meet even the highest demands for quality, modernity, and individuality.

Delight demanding customers with precious wood

The modern design of the new drawers is strikingly beautiful: clear and slim, with precise edges for a perfect result, which is particularly important for handle-less fronts. With TA’OR, demanding customers will find a large selection of trendy top quality veneers with contemporary décors. Bi-colour technology – the combination of fine wood veneer and black surface, for example – allows for the use of different colours on the inside and outside of the drawer.

The TA’OR Box system is available in five different heights and the common lengths of 250-750 mm. Any desired width from 250 to 1200 mm can be manufactured with millimetre precision. Slim 13 mm side walls and a special coating process make the edges sharp, precise, and virtually invisible. The system is matched to concealed runners by Blum and is therefore compatible with Legrabox.

Highest quality and sustainability in the choice of materials

TÜV certification, the superior quality and durability of the TA’OR Box are the result of state-of-the-art production combined with sustainability in the choice of materials. TA’OR Box uses fine wood veneer and a dimensionally stable HDF core made from recycled material.
This reduces wood consumption by 92% while maintaining the highest stability requirements. In combination with a patented click system, the tool-free installation is accomplished in 60 seconds.

Top comfort: 48 hours for production, 48 hours for delivery.

The customised drawer is configured online. With just a few clicks, you can design the individual Box quickly and intuitively. Thanks to networking of manufacturing and warehousing in real time, prices and delivery options can be reliably and instantly obtained. Multiple delivery addresses – for example to your workshop or directly to the construction site – are possible as well, of course.

The best part: Each drawer is coded. If necessary, the QR code on the back can be scanned with any smartphone. Users can thus identify their tailor-made product with all attributes using the app and can easily reorder it.

Reduce inventory – save time and money.

Its practically unlimited variety, modern design, convenient ordering around the clock, and fast delivery makes the TA’OR Box system is a promising alternative in modern furniture construction.

TA’OR Box ensures consistent quality, gives the Häfele partner more time for competent customer advice and minimises the costs for warehousing, machines, waste, and manual work. What's more, the elegant drawer allows reducing the financial risk because the material for building the drawer no longer has to be kept in stock. The complete drawer is only ordered when the customer has ordered.

The innovative TA’OR Box system is now available exclusively in the Häfele online shop.


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