40 years of the Häfele dispatch centre

The international hub for hardware and fitting systems is celebrating its anniversary

  • dispatch and logistics centre in Nagold is celebrating its 40th birthday
  • 5,800 orders to 150 countries every day
  • Continuous growth and production facility for bag packaging

In the large industrial area of Nagold in the Black Forest region the Wolfsberg dispatch centre, Häfele’s international hub for hardware and fitting systems, is celebrating a big birthday. The heart of Häfele logistics, which has received much praise in the industry and is world-famous, has now been beating there for 40 years. Häfele has carried the name of the town all over the world from here.

Häfele’s dispatch centre has grown every three years on average, has been modernised time and time again and has been adapted to the increased requirements, the growing number of items and the changing working procedures. The dispatch centre is now a highly modern and powerful high-tech logistics centre and one of the most important mainstays of Häfele’s success.

Extremely reliable delivery for the entire product range

The following figures clarify the dimensions: more than 130,000 storage locations are now available in the three high rise storage facilities and ten storage areas. 40,000 items in 55,000 packing units are constantly available. 50 trucks deliver up to 135 tons of goods every day. The same quantity usually leaves the warehouse again over the same period of time. 450 employees process up to 5,800 orders every day and ensure that goods that are ordered before 16:00 are dispatched to the customer on the same day. Häfele supplies hardware and fitting systems and electronic access control systems to 150 different countries... ...and not just from Nagold. 36 of the 37 foreign sales companies also have their own warehouses, and some of them even have warehouses in several locations, true to the Häfele claim of “Proximity to the customer”. The company therefore lives up to its claim of having outstanding delivery capability all over the world.

Room for further expansion available

Häfele started in 1972 with the first phase of construction of its dispatch centre, a high-rise storage facility with five aisles and a bar warehouse with offices and common rooms. On 1st January 1974 a covered area of 6,200 square metres was started up.

Now, 40 years later, the seven hectares which were purchased back then are now almost fully occupied (53,000 square metres). In the future, Häfele will expand on the other side of Robert-Bosch-Strasse, where it started up a highly-modern production facility for packing hardware and fitting systems some years ago. Everything that holds furniture together and makes it functional is packed in boxes and plastic bags, usually fully automatically, round the clock, in accordance with the order and with high precision. These Häfele fittings reach the customer via the furniture industry in the form of “Flat-packed furniture”.

Häfele dispatch centre in Nagold
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