Loox. Systematic LED light.

LED light in furniture and furnishings.
The effective extension of the room light.


Light is a fundamental part of life. One, that affects our well-being noticeably. The bright, cool white morning light is very different from the warm glow of candles or light bulbs. Inside, one tries to mimic daylight in an effort to design the room with it. Light in furniture and furnishings blends harmoniously with the lighting of the room adding another layer to the design – a fourth dimension. This way, subtle nuances in the ambiance are created and specific areas are separated or accentuated to create a perfectly composed holistic effect.

Due to the low heat development, the small fixture size and the long service life LED lights are ideally suited for this purpose. Light colours, even differently tempered whites, are recreated realistically. With the Loox LED system work areas, presentation areas and living rooms can be illuminated for functional and decorative purposes. Well-being can be influenced in a targeted manner. And it is surprisingly simple.

Create emphasis, provide orientation and improve your customers' quality of life!





Häfele now has two Loox systems: Loox and the new generation Loox 5. These systems are compatible using an adapter. Please note the specific information on the respective product page.


Advantage Loox:

  • LED lighting system well-tried for many years
  • Power supply unit has switching function and distribution function
  • Well-established color system to differentiate between the voltage variants
  • Networking with BLE technology

Advantage Loox 5:

  • New development based on experiences of 4 generations
  • Power supply takes over the supply -> very high security level
  • Distributors with switching functions
  • Color system is developed in analogy to the previous Loox system
  • Plugs consistently fit through 8mm holes
  • A single remote controle allows pooled regulation of Multi-white and RGB.
  • Networking with innovative BLE mesh technology
How to easily differentiate between the systems:

In order to be certain to differentiate Loox and Loox 5, the system logo within product details helps.


  The Loox system with 12 volts.


Loox Logo - 24 Volt  The Loox system with 24 volts.


Loox 5 Logo - 12 Volt  The new Loox 5 system with 12 volts.


Loox 5 Logo - 24 Volt  The new Loox 5 system with 24 volts.







Loox lighting consultant

Loox lighting consultant

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